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Kevin Stephanos Charnas is a poet, a writer and an actor that has been shot at, screamed at, peed on, pooped on, barfed on, spit at, slapped, kicked, punched, dragged by a taxi, rammed by a donkey, shook by a monkey, had a gigantic spider land in his mouth while riding an elephant at night, has had his eyelids seal-up and has fallen down countless flights of stairs.

He has been a paperboy, a produce man, an orderly (explains all the body-fluid stuff and physical abuse), a social worker (explains the gun shot part, more body-fluid stuff and more physical abuse), a boatswain’s mate in the U.S. Coast Guard (more gun shots, more barf, more physical abuse), a clinical research coordinator in Interventional Cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (sounds sophisticated, no? It was a nightmare, a complete nightmare), a bartender (more gun shots, more barf, more physical abuse, but here we see the introduction of emotional torture as well), a children’s theatre actor (here we see more gun shots, more body fluid stuff and extreme emotional trauma), a healthy sexuality instructor for “at-risk” teenage males (here we see the introduction of therapy bills to Mr. Charnas’ monthly budget).

Kevin is primarily a humorist, which occasionally has disturbed even himself. When talking with his Mother (who his Father says should have been syndicated long ago), she has often been quoted as saying “when Kevin leaves the room, it’s as though sixteen people leave”. He’s never been sure whether this has been a good or a bad thing. One thing he is certain of though, is that with all of those people mingling and vying for attention in his head, he’s never been bored.

So, besides the sixteen of them, Kevin shares his home with his niece, “Nahnie”, two crazy dogs, that closely resemble Bonnie and Clyde and one very silly cockatiel. They are very proud to think of themselves as World Citizens and wish peace for all living things… and for George W. to poop his pants on a regular basis…and for Laura Bush to fart uncontrollably at most public functions (which we hear she does), and for everyone to find out that Dick Cheney is actually a eunuch. Okay…that’s all, peace out.

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Helga Hewston 09.06.12 at 11:38 am

Dear Kevin….stumbled across your blogsite my accident while looking for crowded bus images for my Kyoto posting…You are a SCREAM! Thank you for that!!
I can relate to your Osaka story as my son is currently studying in Tokyo and doesn’t always have positive experiences in public places..It has been known for commuters to get up from their seat next to him and ‘relocate’……
BTW, are you the Willard Robme artist? Well done!
http://www.hewdge.com/2012/05/4563/ @helgahewston

Best wishes,


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